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    5 Easy DIY Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair

    5 Easy DIY Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair

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    Creating your own natural hair care recipes at home doesn’t have to be tedious or time consuming. By using practical ingredients that are usually found in most homes, you can create a phenomenal at-home deep conditioner in 5 minutes or less. Here are 5 easy yet powerful DIY deep conditioner recipes that you can make in the convenience of your own home:

    1. Banana Deep Conditioner for Dry Hair


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    Fact or Fiction: Monistat for Hair Growth

    Dr. Kari Williams, Natural Hair Expert and Trichologist answers the question: Does Monistat (Vaginal Yeast Infection Cream) grow hair: Fact or Fiction

    Dr. Kari Williams, Natural Hair Expert and Trichologist answers the question: Does Monistat (Vaginal Yeast Infection Cream) grow hair: Fact or Fiction

    Does Monistat Really Grow HairThe blogosphere explodes when there’s news of a possible solution to hair loss. There are 21 million women suffering from hair loss in the United States, so hair growth recommendations that delivers results are in high demand. But using a vaginal…

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    5 Signs That You’re In A Styling Rut and Tips To Get Out of It

    5 Signs That You’re In A Styling Rut and Tips To Get Out of It

    How to get out of a styling rut

    “I don’t care if it takes you 5 hours to do your hair, you need to change your hairstyle. You’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for months now.”

    - My husband

    Welp! If you were wondering whether or not you are in a styling rut, a key sign is when your significant other gives you free reign to take whatever time you need to get it together.  But if you haven’t been given that blatant sign just…

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    White Mom Answers Question: How Do I Fix My Black Child’s Hair?

    White Mom Answers Question: How Do I Fix My Black Child’s Hair?

    White Mom Answers Question- How Do I Fix My Black Child's HairRory Mullen started her blog, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care, two years after adopting her black daughter that she affectionately calls Boo.  At the time, she says, while there were blogs for adult hair care and products, there weren’t many geared to younger kids.

    The blogs title was inspired by a book, I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black and Biracial Children in a Race-Conscious…

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    Finger Coils on Longer Natural Hair

    Finger Coils on Longer Natural Hair

    Finger coils!!!

    TWA Hairstyles: Finger Coils TWA Hairstyles: Finger Coils When I first went natural or immediately after I did my big chop in 2006, this was my go-to hair styles (see picture on the left).  Then my hair grew into that awkward length stage (You know what I’m talking about). It wasn’t short but it wasn’t long, either. Anyhoo… I stopped wearing finger coils.TWA Hairstyles: Finger Coils Natual Hair Style | Finger Coils

    But I saw this Finger Coils (fingercoils) tutorial by Shine Struck and I think I…

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    10 Oils You Should Try for Your Natural Hair
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    Oils are the holy grail of products. They work seamlessly as part of the LOC (liqud, oil, cream) method. You MUST add [insert oil of your choice] into your regimen. 

    A little side note natural oils are great for your hair. You don’t have to use all 10 to reap the benefits.  Choose according to what’s available in your area and your budget.

    When I first went natural, I was inundated with…

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    5 Ways To Repair Seasonal Breakage

    This winter has been brutal; showing our hair no mercy.  Even with protective styling and moisturizing regularly, its been difficult to fully protect your hair.  Its very possible you’ve fallen victim to seasonal breakage due to the harsh winter season.

    Luckily, milder temperature will offer relief but there are some steps you can take to revitalizing and repairing any damage or breakage caused…

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    Natural Hair in the Workplace: Exploring Corporate Guidelines & Discrimination


    Recently, Tierrashared her story of natural hair scrutiny in the workplace. It sparked a healthy dialogue concerning a very touchy subject for many of us. As women rocking our natural texture, it’s important for us to feel comfortable in our own skin (and hair). But as we work in the corporate world, we often have to find the balance between self-acceptance and socially acceptable hair in the…

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    Army Bans Various Natural Hairstyles

    Army Bans Various Natural Hairstyles Such as Twists, Locs, Afros, and Braids. Is this racial discrimination? Read more…

    Army Bans Natural Hairstyles

    Twists, dreadlocks (locs), Afros and braids seem to be the target of discrimination once again.  We saw a similar list of ban or unauthorized hairstyles by an elementary school last year which labeled these styles largely wore by natural African American woman as fadish.  This time the ban is from the US Army.

    As a woman with natural hair, I’m starting to take this personally.  Many of these…

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    7 Ways To Use Cheapie Conditioners

    Cheapie conditioners are usually rinse-out conditioners that you will find at your favorite store for a steal, less than $5.

    Aside from functioning as a rinse-out conditioner, they are perfect for co-washing (conditioner washing), detangling, moisturizing, and preventing your hair from being stripped of its natural oils.  With their small price tag, you can use them liberally without guilt;…

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